Childhood obesity is a growing challenge for families and schools across the country; Rock’n Heartland Youth Triathlon Series is challenging local schools to encourage participation in our triathlon to show their students another level of their favorite pastimes: swimming, biking and running.

     Community participation in RHYTS maximizes our annual contribution to Julie's Funds for Kids

Julie’s Funds for Kids subsidized 65 percent of YMCA summer camp and 55 percent of soccer registrations in 2011 for a combined savings of more than $39,000 to the families of up to 550 children. That’s about $70 of assistance per scholarship.

    Thanks to the efforts of sponsors such as Thakkar Family Foundation and Jarrett Family Foundation, we're able to expand our outreach to other programs throughout our community. And, we couldn't do it without your support and all the help from family, friends and volunteers.
"Julie Carlson loved children and loved our YMCA.She could be found, most days, at the Y working out, helping out or giving away smiles." ~ YMCA Julie's Funds for Kids 2012 campaign literature.

     According to the Center for Disease Control, the percentage of children from 6-11 years considered obese was 20 percent in 2008, up from seven percent in 1980. The rate of obesity in teens increased from five percent to 18 in the same period.

     “Every kid likes to ride their bike, swim with friends, or run around the neighborhood,” Hill-Gustat Middle School Principal Chris Doty said of the the triathlon's potential affect on health and fitness. "Kids like to race their friends to see who is fastest. Now, they can get recognized for it. This gets them active using their favorite summer past times."

     All proceeds from Rock'n Heartland Youth Triathlon Series benefit Julie's Funds.