It takes about 60 volunteers on race day to make sure 
that Rock'n Heartland is a good experience for all involved. Our helpers come from all over Highlands County and range from teens to the, ahem, "well-seasoned." We have a core group of committed organizers who, under the race director's leadership, ensure all of the behind the scenes logistics, phone calls, e-mails, meetings, teleconferences, etc. are performed on time and to the highest standard.
Our goal is that when you show up with your children, all you have to worry about is getting their gear into 
transition and making your way to the pool deck for the start.
Our RHYTS core team includes:
                      • Daniel Andrews, USAT Certified race director
                      • Jeff Carlson, assist. race director
                      • Michelle Delaney, sponsor coordinator
                      • Sharon Kieber, food and concessions
                      • Felicia Coke, concessions 
                      • Bob Swaine, transition coordinator
                      • Aaron Brown, asst. transition coord.
                      • Mike "Taco" Ritacco, swim coordinator
                      • Bob Bennett, bike course coordinator
                      • Doug Morton, run course coordinator
                      • Laura Andrews, registration coordinator
                      • Kevin J. Shutt, media and marketing
From left, Aaron "Gun Show" Brown, Kevin ".22 Caliber" Shutt, Michelle
Delaney, Laura Andrews, Felicia Coke, Sharon Kieber, Jeff Carlson at
the 2012 RHYTS wrap up dinner.